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Nantucket real estate listings guide

The July 2003 issue of Nantucket Island Living: your guide to real estate published by the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) celebrates our second year of publication. It's over 55 pages of full color Nantucket real estate listings from all participating member offices. We've worked on getting this listings magazine out for almost three years; I promise you'll love it! It doesn't contain every listing on the market, but it's certainly the best, most color filled, publicly available single source yet. (If you do choose to become an active Pro Buyer client, you will be given access to every listing matching your wants and needs, as well as "Solds" and informative comparative sales data. And as an active Client you'll get my subjective (unbiased) opinion as to realistic market value, as well as negotiating advice.)

I usually have copies here at the office; send me a request with your name and mailing address and I'll send you a copy immediately! I'll also set you up with a (free) subscription for all upcoming issues- we're publishing 10 issues a year. If you see a particular listing, and you'd like more information, just call or e-mail me with the page number, short description and asking price (if it's shown), and I'll send you a detailed NAREB listing sheet immediately by e-mail. 

Remember, we never accept property listings; we represent serious buyers, so we're free- obligated in fact- to give our buyer clients objective opinions as to current, specific property values and provide guidance in negotiating strategies. Even if you're in "exploratory" stage, and not ready to consider becoming an active client, we can give you full property listing information as easily, and usually much more quickly (just try us), as will the listing agent, who's hired by the seller to sell their home at the highest price possible. And if you choose to become our client, we can offer you much, much more.

We value your privacy. The personal information you send in to receive your copy and subscription will never be shared knowingly with anyone else, in any way.

Nantucket Real Estate News:


Checkout our new on-line real estate Newsletter which includes a special Nantucket Market Conditions Update. There is a form where you can sign up to receive a new copy each month.

Local News Headlines and Links :

"Record-Breaking Real Estate Sales $29 Million Over 2nd Quarter '04"

By Page Robinson, I&M Staff Writer, appearing on the front page of the the Inquirer and Mirror (8/11/05)

All evidence points to another record breaking year, with sales forecast to again exceed one billion dollars. Link to read the entire article...

"Real Estate Sales Climb as Weather Improves"

By James Kinsella, I&M Staff Writer, appearing on the front page of the the Inquirer and Mirror (7/17/03)

Brokers see market suddenly coming alive after an extended quiet period.Link to read the entire article...

"Nantucket Real Estate Slows: Fewer appear willing to buy luxury homes"

By Jason Halpin, of The Inquirer and Mirror appearing in the Cape Cod Times (7/30/01)

Article on slow down on Nantucket real estate sales. link to read Cape Cod Times article...

"Wobbly Dow has real estate agents predicting slower 2001"

By Ethan Butterfield I&M Staff Writer in The Inquirer & Mirror (1/11/01)

Sales in Nantucket real estate seem to be slowing down after a very busy 2000, according to this article in the I&M. link to read I&M article...

Go back through the links from past issues in the Nantucket Real Estate News Archives...


Our goal is to offer our Nantucket friends (old and new) a comfortable home on the web to catch up with what's going on on-Island, with a particular emphasis on the Nantucket real estate scene. We hope to continue to offer access to everything which has anything to do with Nantucket real estate, kind of an "Industrial Strength" real estate information center answering your Nantucket needs and questions.

And speaking of questions, if you have any- about anything- please send them along; if we can't help we can probably point you to someone who can.

We're Nantucket's leading Exclusive Buyer Agent, as such we never take sales listings, but we work with every listing office, and provide links to every local listing broker with a web page, and we're encouraging all 34 Nantucket real estate offices to get sites and their listings on line. The only thing we have to sell is our professional services to our buyer/clients. This site exists to give you a better idea of what those services are (We put the heavy duty "sell" up front), and to hopefully enhance your quest for your new Nantucket home.

If you're a Nantucket property owner looking to sell, we may be able to help. Remember, we represent only buyers, so don't ever tell us anything you wouldn't tell a prospective buyer, because we may have just the buyer who's looking for what you want to sell. We recommend that you hire your own Nantucket real estate broker. We know this real estate community and this market. There are many fine agents who will help you get the best sales price on the best terms for you. We'd be glad to suggest some Nantucket real estate brokers who can truly represent your needs professionally.

If you happen to be looking to buy a home in another part of the country, since I am very active nationally, I'd be pleased to send you my recommendation for top notch Exclusive Buyer Agents in your area of interest. We're here to help in any way we can. Thanks for visiting.

Roy Flanders
Roy Flanders, Nantucket real estate broker, exclusive buyer agent

Certified Buyer Agent (MCBA)
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

TEL: (508) 228-7500
FAX: (508) 228-8812
Or please drop a line:

Check out the new Recent Nantucket Real Estate Sales real time search link near the bottom of this page.

    Why Our Buyer/Clients have the Edge in this dynamic Nantucket real estate market.

      Over the past 10 years there's been a tremendous amount of money spent on Nantucket properties, and over those 10 years we've represented more Buyer Clients - and their money - than any other Nantucket real estate broker.

      We don't list properties - we represent serious buyers. Every Nantucket listing broker knows this, so when a "hot" new property meeting your needs is about to come on the market, we're among the first to hear of it. We listen, locate, evaluate and negotiate in your behalf, We aggressively represent your needs - and your money - to the entire Nantucket real estate market.

      If we preview an appropriate new property that morning you can expect digital photos emailed or posted to your client web site folder with an email and a phone call that same day. If it's something special and you choose to pursue it further, we will shoot and deliver a video tour of the property, either on-line with streaming video, or on DVD or VHS tape usually by the next day.

      When the time comes that you decide it's time to finally buy your Nantucket home, or that the way you've been looking for Nantucket property is just not working, we hope you'll ask us how we can represent you. And in Massachusetts, as in most states, it doesn't cost any more to use your own Buyer Agent.

      Our original, members only "Best Deals" on Nantucket program is about to resurface in a brand new format (the first since 1994)- So please check back. If you were a charter member and for some (unthinkable) reason you've not yet bought your own Nantucket property, please send in a note to with your name and you'll get advance notice of the new update.

      What Services, Duties and Benefits Do You Want From Your Real Estate Agent?

      In The News:

      • Thanks to The International Real Estate Digest for consistently ranking this the highest rated Real Estate site on Nantucket.
        International Real Estate Digest

      • "Secrets to Getting the Best Agent" by Pat Rioux (3/22/98) in
        "Getting the best real estate agent is generally easier when you know how to be a good buyer."
        A very thorough and insightful article on how to choose an agent--especially appropriate in the present Nantucket market.

      • "10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won't Tell You" in April's BOSTON MAGAZINE by Joe Bergantino (who is also the I-Team reporter on WBZ-TV Channel 4). He suggests picking your real estate agent "very carefully." And as for his bottom line on what kind of agent? "Advice: Choose a broker who will represent you. If you don't, never forget the fact that no one, except you, is looking out for your best interests." (recently this link was dead, but I'll try to get it back up in one form or another)
      • "When is an Offer a Contract?" A state Appeals Court decision clarifies what is implied by a standard real estate form. By Karen Curran, BOSTON GLOBE (3/1/98) "Finally ... you have found the right house. You decide to make an offer. The real estate agent presents your offer to the seller on the standard 'Offer To Purchase Real Estate' form published by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. You sign it and the seller signs. Do you have a contract to buy the house, or can the seller back out and accept another offer up until the time you both sign the purchase and sale agreement?"


      • "You Must Keep In Mind Which Side The Broker Is On" by Kathleen Howley (12/14/97) in THE BOSTON GLOBE. "You've spent months looking at houses with a broker. She gives you advice. You told her how much of a mortgage you can afford. She knows what your timetable is. Sometimes, she feels like a best friend. Well, she's not. Unless you've gone out of your way to sign a contract with a buyer's broker, you are probably using a broker who represents the seller -- a so-called ``traditional broker.'' That means she has a solemn responsibility to get as much money out of you that she can -- legally. Her client is the person who is selling the house."


      • "Buyer Agent Vs. Seller Agent- The Public Wonders: What do I get for my money?" by Tina Cassidy (4/2/95) in THE BOSTON GLOBE. "...Consumers here are becoming more familiar with the stories about buyers using agents who help them negotiate their real estate transactions, rather than the traditional real estate agent, who represents the seller."
      • "Looking Back at the Future of Real Estate" a piece I wrote for Buyer's Agents Update in Banker & Tradesman recently, just having fun... (Check out their on-line edition and real estate comp sales database at

      • "The View From Offshore" An older article- also directed to buyer agents- but it gives my own vision of what I, as a buyer broker, should offer my clients. (The makings for what today would be the ubiquitous "Mission Satement.")

      Some Helpful Web Sites

      Island Lookup Directories

      Nantucket Real Estate Sales Since 1993

      • Want to find out what has Sold, When, and for How Much in any location on Nantucket? Or you might want to locate the Nantucket properties that have sold already this year in the $ Million plus range? You can even look up your own town. But be sure to come back.

        These tools are publicly accessible versions from some of the databases we use when evaluating the proper target price in the preparation of an Offer to Purchase for our clients:

        Look Up Recent Real Estate Sales in Massachusetts.(courtesy of Banker & Tradesman) This tool offers the additional ability to obtain property descriptions- for a fee. Weak points: its data can be incomplete at times.

        A NEW and very quick look-up tool from HomePriceCheck (courtesy of This one works in most other states as well and seems quite precise, though it just gives address and price with no property description option as yet. Try it.

        Please use the BACK button to return here after your searches.

        We'd really appreciate your ideas and feedback on the usefulness of features like this, and any other ways we can make this site more helpful to you. You'll never be put on a mailing list, you'll never receive anything unsolicited (except perhaps a quick 'thanks') unless you specifically ask for something.

      Nantucket Island Real Estate Tour

      • Links to Other Nantucket Real Estate Brokers with sites on the Web (see below). Yes, they are competitors. So why would we send you to visit their sites?
      • First because they are the ones with properties and houses to sell; they are hired by sellers to do that. Second, buyers like to check out listings, prices and pictures. If the web is good for anything, this is an area where it should shine. As a Buyer Agent, we haven't got anything to sell except our services: our expertise, knowledge of the market, loyalty, and sound professional advice. Besides, our job as Buyer Agents means we try to show you every property which might meet your needs. We do not list property for sale, rather we represent your needs (and your money) to the Nantucket market. We truly act as Your Agent..
      • So even though all brokers may "compete" for the same potential buyers, we consider the 30 or so traditional sales offices on the Island as major resources for our practice and our clients; we work with all of them. Even though their job is to get the best deal for their seller, and ours is to get the best deal for our buyer, both sides do the best job for their clients by working to bring the "deal" together as "friendly adversaries."
      • As Nantucket's foremost Exclusive Buyer Agent, together with our clients, we represent substantial buying power. And we don't compete for sales listings. We work agressively with ALL listing offices to represent your property needs- and your money- to the entire Nantucket real estate market . It's a combination which allows our clients an early shot at new listings in a market which is "tight"and though softer this year than in the frenzied past, it's a market that when the right property comes on at the right price, it moves very quickly.
      • I'm delighted to say that as of this latest update (8/14/05) all the major listing offices are now on-line and are offering increasingly better photos of their listings- PLUS if you're looking for a rental, you'll be happily surprised. As with any "hot" market, many properties are sold before they ever get publicized, entered into the NLS or listed on the web; that's one reason to contact us about personal buyer representation once you've decided you're serious about buying on Nantucket. Since we do not compete for listings, we are often among the very first to hear of a new property coming on the market.
        One of the very first listings site online was Denby Real Estate (recently overhauled with a terrific new look!) with an ALL NEW site with plentiful photos, rentals and listing information. Plus Flint Ranney (who compiles our local comp data) always offers up some knowledgeable overview of the market. Hamilton Heard Jr. Real Estate is now (2003) a part of Nantucket Real Estate. The Maury People have recently updated their own very attractive web site with a greatly expanded sampling (with photos) of their listings. Recently their site has come under the Resort Quest umbrella, so it seems to take a bit more time to find what you may be looking for. (8/2/02) Maury People Broker, Craig Hawkins, one of the top listing agents on Nantucket, has just launched his own site, showcasing his own listings. Look forward to many other agents following this very smart, and effective trend. Killen Real Estate has been in business for over forty years and now offers a BRAND NEW! updated (2003) site with a state of the art presentation of their sales and rental listings. Michael Angelastro is now a part of Coffin Real Estate which now offers some excellent virtual tours of their listings, as well as extensive photos. A great site which just gets better and better, full of sales and rentals information, and easy to get around. Lucille Jordan Associates has one of the best designed sites on Nantucket; plenty of listings are shown and they load quickly. J. Pepper Frazier Co. has a site which gets bigger and better every week. Nantucket Real Estate Company is on-line. Congdon & Coleman has its own site up and it's a beauty. Bamber Real Estate is now online. Besides listing homes, Ron has long been a specialist in listing land and building lots. Compass Rose Real Estate is up on the web. Cindy also does a lot of vacation rentals. Lee Real Estate. and Island Properties each have updated sites. Country Village Rentals and Real Estate now offers local real estate sales, as well as local, national and international vacation rentals. Roger Seitz & Associates is online with lots of photos. Recently a few new offices have opened their doors to join the Nantucket real estate community: Great Point Properties is headed up by Bill Liddle and Greg Mckechnie, who have managed to recruit Stuart Reid. Nicole Bousquet Worden and husband Alan Worden have returned from a long sail to open Windwalker Real Estate. Besides offing some very sophisticated services- especially to sellers, they have managed to attract some top talent-among then Susie Lister Locke. And long time Nantucket broker Edward Sanford has opened his own office, Sanford Real Estate, with Debbie Deely Culbertson and Phil Witte onboard the crew. There are a few other site listings under the Inquirer & Mirror's Homes section, but sad to say, so far it's hardly worth the visit. You're much better off subscribing to the paper version which includes a full real estate section formally sponsored by our own Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). Also check out the "Nantucket Independent" with its new real estate section. These are both a MUST! Call 508-228-0001 for the I&M and 508-228-1654 for the Independent.
      • Most all of these selling offices offer full vacation home rental services (we do not); if you'd like help or suggestions on which offices or agents might be right for your specific rental needs, feel free to contact us. We do not handle vacation home rentals, but we'd have a good idea of who might have the kind of rental property you are looking for.
      • As more Nantucket brokers put up (or update) pages with photos and listing information, we will link you to them through the Real Estate Tour. (Unless it turns out to be a really dumb business decision, meaning if the phone just stops ringing here, or if all the listing brokers we link you to for a visit, suddenly start trading their Izuzus in for Land Rovers.)
      • As a real estate buyer in Massachusetts, you have the choice of dealing with the Seller's Agent who has the listing (be their "customer"), or choosing your own agent--Pro Buyer Associates for instance-- as a Buyer's Agent (be their "Client"). Needless to say, we hope that after you browse the listings, you'll come back and find out how we can be of real help to you, and at no additional costs. Please, call me or drop me a note if I can answer any questions. Thanks.

        Roy Flanders

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